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Amazing Photographer!

I finally had a chance to write a review for you!  I truly think you are a wonderful photographer and have an energetic personality that is unprecedented amongst your competition.  I see you as an icon in the Capital District as a photographer.  It is not easy to make a name for yourself.  I have watched you over the years and I think I originally first met you at a Southern Saratoga Chamber event before 2010.

You are an amazing woman and have worked hard through everything that comes your way.  You are an outstanding photographer and I appreciate your pride and drive as a photographer and as a person.   I see your competition at events which is almost always men and you make a difference.  Your personality is magnetic and I observe the difference you bring to the table as you have a true passion to include all people in your pictures and seize the moment.  That is not an easy task, you are amazing.  You engage everyone at events and really take wonderful pictures capturing all special moments.  As a woman, you always have to work harder and smarter to stay on top of your game, and I know you went through a difficult time with your cancer and lost your hair and still pushed through to become an even better photographer. I really mean everything I just wrote, I just finally had a moment to say it to you and feel it is important for you to know that you ROCK!!!!

Kind Words

Kind Words

Echoes of our weddings still chime through our days. We are truly newlyweds in our delight. It was wonderful to have you there ~ and with camera in hand. The pictures are great! I’m so glad you captured the waltz ~ you were the only one who did. Your photographs are clearly at a high artistic level ~ you saw the subtle, the beautiful and the meaningful.