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Three Secrets for a Flawless Wedding

Psst! I have secrets to share with you about choosing your wedding photographer and ensuring a flawless wedding. Come closer:

Italian American Center Albany NY WeddingHaving a flawless wedding means hiring the right photographer for your wedding. You deserve a memorable experience with elegant images that speak to you; and I am happy to share the secrets discovered from years of photographing so you, too, can have a flawless wedding.

1. Prepare in advance: Meet with your photographer in person before the wedding day to establish a comfortable, trusting relationship. She will be with you the entire day and that bond happens before the wedding day not on the day! She will ask you questions about you! Getting in sync with one another, understanding what is important and what style she will offer and what qualifications she has is critical in having images that wow you with the pizzazz, personality and radiance you are expecting.

2. Choose a pro: Choose a real professional photographer…one with experience, one who knows how to use her equipment, and who has equipment backups — safeguards in place. A pro will openly discuss her technical and creative skills and knowledge. Choose one who has insurance and always works with a contract. A family friend may be cheaper, but may not have the technical, social, professional and creative savvy your wedding requires. The pro will unabashedly unveil her passion and her heart, and will instill a sense of integrity, reliability, and quality to create an atmosphere of solid trust. It’s like money in the bank and that investment in a pro will pay off when you view your images. Prior to the wedding, a pro will guide you through a process to familiarize you with what will happen on your wedding day so you can feel relaxed and know that you will make fantastic images together.

3. Trust in the Pro: Once that trust is established…that bond…that rapport…that mutual respect and appreciation, you can put away your clipboard. Let go and enjoy the day knowing you are in good hands. On your wedding day, you can be free to be yourselves, share your personalities in front of the lens, and let the pro create her magic.

So now you know secrets to a flawless wedding. To discuss your wedding photography plans, call 518-346-4485. Joan Heffler of Upstate NY specializes in capturing personalities in images rich and alive with personality in a fun and memorable experience.

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