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Corporate Event Photographer, Albany NYJoan Heffler Wedding PhotographyAlbany, NY PhotographerJoan Heffler Wedding PhotographyCorporate Event Photographer, Albany NYJoan Heffler of Creative Expressions Photography—Pictures With Personality! is a Capital Region photographer who combines her artistic vision, down to earth style and sense of humor to create images that are rich and alive with personality. You feel celebrated as you become free and spontaneous and even laugh in front of her lens...And with this freedom of self, your expectations are exceeded. She is celebrating her tenth year in business, as a ten year member of the Albany Colonie Chamber, and has been cited as a “Chamber success story.” Joan wishes to share her success with all of you today! Rainy summer days vacationing in Atlantic City, Joan’s mother encouraged and even supervised arts and crafts projects; decorating shells with colored string and paints, making paper mache puppets, and then selling the wares on the boardwalk with her talented sister. This talent was passed down from her maternal grandmother who taught her grandchildren to appreciate the arts. It was her grandmother who introduced her to the joy of artistic creativity. She watched and learned and there began her career as an artist at age four, unbeknownst to her. When Joan was in the first grade her teacher asked the students to draw themselves 20 years into the future. While the others drew themselves as nurses and teachers, Joan drew herself as an artist. Her circuitous route to becoming a creative, artistic photographer took her 50 years! A major car accident, turning 50 and being fired from what she thought would be a dream job launched Joan to a deep reflection of her life. There had to be more happiness to life than this! Drawing upon her skills previously honed as a counselor, marketer and fundraiser and working with two photographic studios; she began to develop a style. Using her keen marketing skills, and constantly participating in workshops and seminars, Joan quickly moved into her own professional career photographing weddings, events, portraiture, and corporate. Within a very short span of time, Joan has nurtured a growing and thriving business and is loving every minute of it!Engagement Photographer, Schenectady, NY
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Presenting images with personality delighting your spirit.
And it is in that spirit that I capture your treasured moments.

Professional Photographer Joan Heffler Specializes in Corporate, Events, Portraits, and Wedding Photography

I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I made it a lifelong adventure to find out.  I finally figured it out in a really circuitous route, and I became a “people photographer.”  Yup! I specialize in capturing people’s unique personalities, and it is so interesting.  It has made my life rich and full, and I hope I have made a difference in the lives of those who I photographed.

Now in my second decade as a full time professional photographer of weddings, portraits, events, and corporate; I have found my free expression…MY personality. I am loving it, and invite you to let me find yours.

Joan Heffler Photography  goes anywhere in the world to be a part of your world. From Albany to Syracuse, Saratoga Springs to the Adirondacks and beyond;  my signature is Pictures With Personality whether capturing a joyful life experience, a single moment in time, or a significant corporate event, wedding, or bar/bat mitzvah.

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What a great event last night! Thank you for your service. Despite challenges that drove us both back home yesterday, you are a true professional and I always enjoy working with you. I look forward to receiving the photos and working with you again soon!


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How do you know what you’re getting when you book a photographer?

There are 3 ways to  book a photographer:    1. Online   2. Telephone   3. In Person I am amazed how many people don’t call to speak with the professional photographer for their wedding, event, or corporate portrait. Mostly no one these days makes a face to face appointment either. How do you know what you’re getting […]