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Photos for my Cookbook

I want to thank you for making the photo shoot for the cover of my cookbook, a great experience. Before you arrived that day, I had butterflies because I have never been thrilled with the concept of having my picture taken. However, you made me feel at ease and comfortable. I felt as though I’ve known you all my life. Once you began to work your photo magic, I relaxed knowing I was in good hands. It is obvious you are warm, professional and caring about your work.

Furthermore, the photos truly capture who I am. Thank you so much for taking the time to make the photo shoot a great experience not only for me but also for my family. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Kind Words

Kind Words

Echoes of our weddings still chime through our days. We are truly newlyweds in our delight. It was wonderful to have you there ~ and with camera in hand. The pictures are great! I’m so glad you captured the waltz ~ you were the only one who did. Your photographs are clearly at a high artistic level ~ you saw the subtle, the beautiful and the meaningful.